Spiritual DNA Training

We are living in a time where it takes strong spiritual leaders who can bring healing and order into our lives. God is calling us to rise up and take our place in His divine plan. Are you ready to stir up your spiritual gifts? Do you want to grow in the calling that God has on your life?

What does this training cover?

This course is geared towards both your spiritual and physical growth. We cover a variety of areas that target your spirit, soul, and body.


  • Discovering your God-given gifts
  • Our nature, sin, grace, etc.

Spiritual Warfare

Learn how to properly do battle in the spirit and take back what the enemy has stolen from you and your family.

Leadership Core Values

Discover leadership values and how to implement them in your life.

Inner Healing

Break every chain of bondage in your life. Get completely set free so that you can be who God has called you to be a positive impact to those around you.

Prophetic Impartation

Our Company of Prophets will pray over you and release an impartation.

Financial Stewardship

Gain better understanding about finances in the Kingdom. Learn how to steward what you have been given.

In-Person Training

Online Training

Next Scheduled Training: September 3-October 22
Tuesdays 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Next Scheduled Training: September 5-October24
Thursdays via Zoom Call (time TBD)
Cost: $100